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About Casa Nirvana


Casa Nirvana is blessed with great chefs and offers simple, homely and honest food, enriched by blends of local and international flavours. Each dish on our menu is imbued with love, quality and freshness. We endeavour to keep our prices reasonable while maintaining the quality we love and value. The alcohol free environment of Casa Nirvana is in keeping with the spirit of Monte Sahaja. You may like to try our Kombucha, a delicious healthy fermented drink much enjoyed in China, Japan, Russia and eastern Europe. There is also a variety of alcohol-free beers as well as a good range of other refreshing drinks. 

Casa Nirvana is situated in the quiet village of São Martinho das Amoreiras, which is nestled in the beautiful and silent expanse of the Alentejo region of Portugal. It was created to serve both the local community and the many visitors from around the world who come to participate in the programmes at Monte Sahaja. Casa Nirvana is an extension of the spirit of Monte Sahaja, an ashram and retreat centre where many visitors come to meet and be guided by Moojibaba, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. Casa Nirvana is a gift of Monte Sahaja and welcomes everyone. 

Most of all, you are invited to enjoy! We hope you will soon see why we are so much in love with this place. Welcome!